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My own little Galaxy

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This lifejournal is mostly for my addiction to Stargate Atlantis and John Sheppard. Okay... this was how it started. ;o) Now it's about all my fanish interests (and a little, little bit about my life).

My main field of activity will be fanart. I like to work with my image editing programms much more for this than for my studies. *lol* Icons, wallpapers, banner and so on... Whenever there is sparetime or I need a distraction I work on something.

But I've also started writing fanfictions. There's not enough time to do too much, but I surely will end everything I've started... sometime... I don't trust my english skills enough so in the foreseeable future they will remain in german.

It's the same reason that in the beginning I've wrote this lj in german, but now that I spend most of the time in english fandoms I've changed it. Hopefully the mistakes will be getting better in time. :P